Don’t Sit in a Dentist’s Chair.  Come chat with Us.

We offer Consultation at no cost. We want to provide tailored information for each patient and will provide a free CT- Scan at consultation. This X-ray will give us the information we need to develop a treatment plan. We understand that some people have a lot of anxiety about coming to the dentist. These consultations are designed to deliver information in a low pressure, comfortable environment. Although we specialize in implants and prosthetics, we want to make sure our patients are knowledgeable about the procedure and expectation of the device. Implants are wonderful! Giving patients with lost esthetics and function due to missing teeth a smile to be proud of. You can expect to sit with a treatment coordinator and doctor for approximately an hour. You will leave with a better understand of implants as well as a few different solutions and prices to help you better find a treatment that fits within your budget.


Most Patients want to know the cost before they arrive, but every patient is so different requires different needs.  We ask that you scheduled a free consultation with us so that we are able to evaluate and answer questions. We pride ourselves in providing a range of different solutions and as well as affordable prices and financing options. We also offer monthly discounts, please see coupons for this month’s offers.

Financing options

We currently offer financing solutions with no hidden fee, no pre-payment penalties, and low monthly payments. Please see the front office for more info.


Because we are considered a discounted office, we can offer additional value beyond the average insurance company, we currently don’t contract with dental insurance companies. With that being said, we’re happy to help you with any claims and help you reach your yearly maximum, the only difference is that in most cases the reimbursement will come directly to you.

Treatment options

Although we cover several different options in consultation we focus on a lower cost alternative as opposed to full mouth restorative work such as crowns.

We highly recommend implants but sometimes it doesn’t fit within a budget or lifestyle choices. Here is a quick reference that can help answer a few questions about the different prosthetic choices:

Compare your Options

Crown BridgePartialDentureDenture w/ ImplantsHybrid FIxed
Cost$750 – $1500 per tooth$1000 – $2000$300 – $2000$2500 – $16,000 Depending on #$15,000 – $25,000
Longevity on AverageAs little as 3-7 Years5-7 Years5-15 YearsLifetime with UpkeepLifetime with Upkeep
CosmeticCan BeNoYesYesYes
Time Investment1 – 2 Months1 – 2 Months1 – 6 Months5 – 8 Months5 – 8 Months
MaintenanceNo, needs to be replaced.Teeth can be added.Relines or rebase.Inserts and dentures.Device will have to be replaced.
Cost of Upkeep– Replacement Cost
– Cleanings
– $100 – $200 to add a tooth.
– Relines
– $300 – $600 depending on reline.
– Cleanings
– Inserts
– Relines
– Cleaning
– Cleaning
– Replacement of device up to $5000
How is it SupportedTooth/TeethGumsGumsGums and BoneBone
When to InvestIf you are only missing a few teeth or have
plenty of money.
Wants a shorter-lived treatment plan at a lower cost.Looking for a low cost permanent options.Want a permanent option: has requirements for comfort and function.Permanent option B. Does not want anything that comes out.

New life was designed to be able to offer full mouth reconstructive dentistry at a lower cost than our competitors. Most people exploring this option will pick one of the following, here is a closer look at the differences between dentures vs dentures with implants.

Main differences between dentures vs implants with dentures:

Dentures without ImplantsImplant Retained Dentures
A lowercost alternative in the short term.Implants, when taken care of, are proven to last a lifetime.
Bone loss after extractions; causing shrinkage of the bone and need for more relines.Bone perseveration.
Creams will be needed to provide additional hold.No need for adhesive.
Dentures shift; limiting some foods.Improved function and comfort.
Denture movement often cause sore sports.Stronger and more stable – acts more like natural teeth.
Gives approximately 30% of your original biting force.Gives approximately 75% – 85% of your original biting force.
Relines and cost to replace dentures periodically.Inserts and Dentures will need to be replaced periodically.

Benefits of implants

The benefits of implants are very clear. Patients will have better support and stability which equals improved function and comfort. Imagine being able to eat some of your favorite foods again.

Many Dentists fail to inform you of certain bone loss after extraction which limit your option to place implants in the future. Poorly fitted dentures will wear on the gum tissue and cause bone loss to occur faster.  Implants can prevent a patient from losing bone.

What does bone loss mean?

Teeth are supported by the bone in the jaw and then surrounded by gum tissue. When we lose teeth, we lose that supporting bone around the teeth, resulting in bone loss. When placing implants, we try to utilize all the surrounding bone. The best time to place an implant is at the time of extraction, In this way, we are able to utilize the available bone you have, this allows us to place the biggest implant possible in this area. Bigger implants equal more strength and insurance that will last the rest of your life.

How we are different

We are different than general dentists because of our passion for implants. We love what we do and we have changed hundreds of patients’ lives with implants. We recognize the need for implants and their ability to last forever if taken care of. We believe that implants should be a standard of care and made more affordable to fit into everyone’s budget.