Is it painful?

Pain and tolerance is a difficult question to address because people can be so different but we have a wonderful pain protocol, most of our patient experience little to no pain when following the guidelines.

Will they look natural?

The teeth we will be placing in the finals are the top of the line portrait teeth. They are designed to have micro imperfection that catch and reflect light more naturally. They also have a translucency to the incisal edge, again giving the teeth a more natural and aesthetic look.

What is a two-piece implant?

A two-piece implant is an implant consist of two parts: the part below the tissue (in the bone) and the part above the tissue (in the mouth), This allows us to remove the portion in the mouth and replace if necessary. One piece implants are rendered useless if the portion in the mouth was ever to brake, resulting in more money and time. One piece implants also tend to be called mini implants and don’t tend to survive in the mouth as well as two piece implants.

How much time should I take off?

We also recommend to allow your body some downtime and a chance to heal while resting but some decide to return to work as soon as the next day.

Will you put me to sleep?

Yes, we always use IV sedation… AND IT’S FREE!

Will I ever be without teeth after surgery?

No, we take impression a few weeks prior to surgery and deliver temporaries the day of your surgery. If your denture ever calls for repair, we contract with local labs to ensure the fastest turnaround time.