Removable Denture Appointments

1st Appointment: Consultation

You can expect to meet with a treatment coordinator and a Doctor to discuss treatment options, expectations, and cost.

2nd Appointment: Pre-Surgery

This appointment is all about gathering the information we need for surgery. We will be taking impressions for lab work, inquiring about your medical history, going over consents and trying to capture what you are looking for in your perfect smile. It is another opportunity to ask questions. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the treatment presented and have a clear understand of your options and expectations. Remember to bring a list of medications you are currently taking as well as the down payment discuss in consult.

3rd Appointment: Surgery

Surgery times can vary from person to person but on average take about 6-8 hours. Come comfortable. Remember nothing in your stomach for at least 8 hours. You may have a few sips of water with medication. Family and Friends are welcomed to leave but are free to go and we will provide a call when you are ready to be picked up. Remember you are unable to work a motor vehicle for 24 hours after surgery.

4th Appointment: 1 week Post OP

We want to make sure everything is going as planned. We will be checking things like tissue and denture fit. Please bring your dentures to EVERY APPOINTMENT whether or not you have chosen to wear them through the healing or not.

5th Appointment: 3-month Post OP

Today we are able to look at the implants on an x-ray for the 1st time and review the success of the implant. We also want to make sure you are as comfortable, as we are able to make you, in your temporary dentures. Please Bring your temporary set as we are now able to make adjustments and reline your denture(s) if you chose at this time. We understand it has been a bit challenging, most patients are looking forward to have the new better fitting denture made and craving harder foods. Stick with it for it is all worth it in the end. If everything is looking good, we schedule for an uncovery.

6th Appointment: Uncovery

It is time for the final test. We will be exposing your implants and torquing them. This means we will be applying some pressure to make sure there is no movement of the implant and it is ready to take the force of chewing. We do offer sedation at no additional charge for this appointment even though it is far less invasive and much shorter. If you would like sedation, please let the front office know. Same rules apply as last time. You must have a driver and nothing in the stomach for at least 8 hours.

7th Appointment: Final Impressions

This appointment happens approximately 6 months after your initial surgery. Your implants are now integrated to the bone, which means you are ready to move forward into your final appointments. This does not mean delivery of your final set. We will be taking impressions of your newly formed tissue. We sometimes ask that you leave your current denture with us for 48 hours. Come ready to discuss any changes you would like from your first set to the final set. Feel free to bring in old pictures or even celebrities smile you might admire.

8th Appointment: Aesthetic Try In

Behind the scenes, our lab has been constructing your new smile. We want you to have the opportunity to try it in and want your opinion. Feel free to bring with you anyone’s opinion that might matter to you. We want you to love your new smile!

9th Appointment: Aesthetic Try In

We might not have hit the mark perfectly and allow more than one try in. Again, we want you to love your new smile and will see you back as many times needed to make sure you do. Keep in mind the clearer you are in your expectation the happier we can make you. Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts. Just remember although we have no cap on a number of try-ins you can have, they can push your treatment behind and delay the final delivery.

10th Appointment: Final Delivery

Today is the day you have been waiting for. You are hooked into the final denture and adjustments are made to ensure the fit is good. We do want to see you back within a few days to check the bite and fit as things change as you settle into your new bite. Also, these can be little different from your temporary set and require a bit of patience as you start to wear them in. The more you wear them the better and more comfortable to will feel chewing and speaking.

11th Appointment: Bite Check

We will give you some time to get used to the new set and have set aside time for us to make some final adjustments. Please remember to bring them with you. We also want to go over maintenance and follow-up appointments.